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Yes, you will hear this a lot from John’s clients. John has touched a lot of people’s lives and they are passionate about how John has changed – or even saved – them.


“I appreciate how simple you keep things. The health world is a crazy thing – a lot of information overload! It was almost easier not to start than figure out how to start. I am very thankful to you!”
Donna R


“If life has issued you a summons called old age and you refuse to appear in that court, like myself, may I introduce you to the best elixir for what ails you – John Humble. As a trainer he has few equals, as a man he stands alone.”
Gary McCord, PGA Pro, Golf Commentator


“John Humble changed my life. Surviving breast cancer made health and fitness even more of a priority. Working out with John is a vital part of that. As an added bonus, my golf game has improved!”
Karen Talbot, Newport Beach, CA/Hamilton, MT


“My wife Karen and I feel John is instrumental in addressing and improving our physical issues, mine being a bad knee and shoulder. He has enhanced my golf game, increased my quality of life, and has become and always will be, a personal friend because of the kind of man he is.”
Tom Talbot, Newport Beach, CA/Hamilton, MT


“We, as a couple, feel blessed to have John Humble in our lives. We searched for years to find the perfect trainer for our fitness needs. His expertise with Boomers is unmatched. He overcame Larry’s reluctance to even work out at all, and recovery from Sheila’s knee surgery was quick and easy because of John’s pre- and post-surgery workouts. Montana’s loss is Tennessee’s gain.”
Larry & Sheila Melsness, Tacoma, WA/Stevensville, MT


“I didn’t go see John knowing that I would be thrown from a horse…  but if I hadn’t…  I wouldn’t be here today.”
Paul Kink, Raymond James Financial


“Thank you for helping us get our life back.”
Glen & Barbara L.

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My mentor, the amazing Jack LaLanne! His words still ring true today ...

Jack LaLanne understood the simple truths...

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John Humble

He is the only man in Montana history to win championships in all three styles of weight lifting: power lifting, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding.

John Humble has extensive experience in the fitness industry.

Contact us for information on personal training in our exquisitely appointed private studio in Maryland Farms, Brentwood, TN. John is also available for email or phone consultations and as a guest speaker.

John Humble - Nashville Personal Trainer

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