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John Humble of Humble Fitness is America's premiere Health & Fitness Expert for people over 50. His resume & knowledge are unmatched! He has "walked the walk" and changed the lives of countless people, helping them get healthier and fit, looking and feeling better with more energy and vitality. And he can help you too. His exclusive, private fitness studio in Brentwood, TN is like no other in the Nashville area - or anywhere else! Don't like how you look and feel? Call him today to set up your free initial consultation.

Weight Management

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Health & Fitness Expertise


Corporate Wellness

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The Humble Fitness plan is built on these 4 cornerstones of health.

  • Resistance Training

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    John Humble's resistance-training program is the key to staying younger longer.

    What is Resistance Training?

  • Cardio

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    John Humble's cardio workouts offer simple and effective routines that are easily integrated into daily life.

    Why Cardio?

  • Nutrition

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    John's recommended nutrition guidelines offer simple ways to boost nutrition and enjoy each meal.

    It’s not rocket science!

  • The Secret Formula


    John Humble’s Secret Formula is the essential component to staying Forever Young.

    What is the secret?