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Youth – under 14

“I believe being stronger, more fit and able to play sports at your best now starts at a much younger age thru proper resistance training for youth athletes”

According to multiple Pediatric and Orthopedic studies, it has now been shown that strength training for youth athletes under 14 years of age, with proper technique and strict supervision, can increase strength in preadolescents and emerging adolescents. Frequency,resistance training, work out intensity, and duration all contribute to a properly structured program. Increases in strength occur with virtually all modes of strength training and can occur with training as little as once a week, although training twice a week may be more beneficial. It now understood by the American Orthopedics, pediatric doctors at Harvard and leading studies that proper resistance training of youth athletes increases overall athletic ability, body mass strength and endurance while decreasing sports related injuries as they grow and mature into adolescents.

John Humble can take your teen athlete and turn him or her into an elite athlete.

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My mentor, the amazing Jack LaLanne! His words still ring true today ...

Jack LaLanne understood the simple truths...

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John Humble

He is the only man in Montana history to win championships in all three styles of weight lifting: power lifting, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding.

John Humble has extensive experience in the fitness industry.

Contact us for information on personal training in our exquisitely appointed private studio in Maryland Farms, Brentwood, TN. John is also available for email or phone consultations and as a guest speaker.

John Humble - Nashville Personal Trainer

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