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Forever Young DVD

Forever Young DVD

Order John Humble’s Forever Young DVD and start adding years onto your life!


Order John Humble’s Forever Young DVD and start adding years onto your life!

Enjoy the Forever Young specially designed resistance training workouts, simple and effective cardio programs, and easy-to-implement nutrition guidelines, along with John Humble’s secret formula for staying Forever Young.

DVD bonuses include:

  • Step-by-step instructions to exercising safely and effectively
  • Health tips
  • John’s 4-corner recipe for youth
  • Medical advice from expert guests
  • An on-the-go pocket guide
  • Bonus features

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John Humble

He is the only man in Montana history to win championships in all three styles of weight lifting: power lifting, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding.

John Humble has extensive experience in the fitness industry.

Contact us for information on personal training in our exquisitely appointed private studio in Maryland Farms, Brentwood, TN. John is also available for email or phone consultations and as a guest speaker.

John Humble - Nashville Personal Trainer

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